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Glowworm on Trail - Kristin's PCT update

CURRENT STATUS: Entered OREGON on Friday 4 August, skipped OR-F due to fire closures on 20 August, camping on the foot of Mt Hood


After exiting the trail at mile 1950 (OR-E) due to fire closures, Glowworm and Gummies hitched to Bend for a much needed zero. On August 20, they hitched around the entire OR-F section due to several fire closures. Although there was a smallish section of trail open in the middle, the logistics of getting in and out (twice) to hike less than 30 miles was not in the books. They picked up the trail near Government Camp, OR at mile 2089.5 (start of OR-G) and proceeded approximately 3.5 miles up the foot of Mt Hood.

Hiking stats and index to Glowworm's blog entries below the fold.

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(Another) Summer Road Trip

road trip 2017

Another summer, another road tip! This year, the trip was to and around Nova Scotia, along with a bunch of stuff between here and there.

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Kristin Departs for Epic Hiking Adventure

kristin pct flight

This morning we dropped Kristin off at Pearson at 5:30 am for her flight to San Diego, and early tomorrow morning she will be shuttled to the Mexican border near Campo, California. From there, she will proceed to walk 4,265 km back to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail. Egads!

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Jakob enters York University

jakob york res

As Jakob was completing his final year at Humber, he applied to -- and was accepted at -- York University in the Cognitive Science program. And over the Labour Day weekend, he has moved into his new home (pictured above) in the "Village at York University" (a maximum 10 minute walk to classes). The small window directly above his head, and the three longer windows to the left are his new suite.

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Summer Road Trip!

summer road trip

Jennifer and I took a 12-day summer road trip during the last half of August, and we've got the pictures to prove it! Lots of pictures.

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Jakob is an Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician

jakob humber grad

At the end of April, Jakob successfully completed his Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician program! Here's the diploma which we were all pretty pleased to see (I found it sitting on my desk one day), however, I couldn't manage to get a picture of him holding it. But here it is all framed and ready to hang. I also hoped to post a short video of one of his final projects -- an Arduino powered skittle sorting robot -- but that didn't happen, either. So, congratulations to Jakob in his first post-secondary experience and let's see what happens next...

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