Website overhauled (and hauled to new host)

Not the longest run between major overhauls, but a close second at just over three years (a long time in internet years). The big change this time is the move from Bluehost to Hostpapa for the hosting of (and and coin (along with a small pile of domain names)).

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Road Trip to Indianapolis & Chicago


During March Break, we took a trip to Indianapolis with Kristin to meet the Hart family. We had a wonderful time, including a tour of downtown Indianapolis and Newfields (aka the Indianapolis Museum of Art). You know what is awesome (besides the Hart family)? Indianapolis. It really is an impressive place, and we saw some great things.

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Kristin + Michael

kristin and michael

Here's some exciting news: Kristin and Michael (aka "Glowworm & Gummies") are getting married!

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(Another) Summer Road Trip

road trip 2017

Another summer, another road tip! This year, the trip was to and around Nova Scotia, along with a bunch of stuff between here and there.

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Glowworm on Trail - Kristin's PCT update

CURRENT STATUS: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! After hiking over 3,426 km, Glowworm & Gummies crossed the Canadian border Sunday morning (17 September) and finished up at Manning Park.


CLICK HERE to see a special photo album of the adventure.

Hiking stats and index to Glowworm's blog entries below the fold.

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Kristin Departs for Epic Hiking Adventure

kristin pct flight

This morning we dropped Kristin off at Pearson at 5:30 am for her flight to San Diego, and early tomorrow morning she will be shuttled to the Mexican border near Campo, California. From there, she will proceed to walk 4,265 km back to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail. Egads!

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J. Daniel Clements | Photographs


Daniel's Coin Zoo

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA