Jakob, Kristin Each Win Pair of Red Ribbons

Barrie Fair ribbons

Kristin and Jakob each entered a plethora of categories in the 2006 Barrie Fair, and both came away with a pair of first place ribbons.

Jakob's main entry was in "Junior Crafts - Build Something Out of Popsicle Sticks." He choose to make Tower Bridge, and ended up with a massive craft with more popsicle sticks than all the other entries combined. All his (and mom's) hard work paid off, as the judges gave it the nod and stuck a huge red ribbon on it.

Hot Dog Bun Pig

Jakob's other red ribbon was awarded in the "Junior Baking - Create a Farm Animal With a Hot Dog Bun." Really. Not sure what it had to do with baking, as it was actually a craft. Jakob chose a pig and did a wonderful job. His entry was the only one that was painted and its cute expression won over the judges.

Kristin's two first place ribbons were awarded for her efforts in "Senior Crafts - Collage About Space On a Rocket Ship" and "Senior Baking - Ice Cream Cone Decorated as a Clown Hat." The collage featured the Big Bang, among other things, and her good work impressed the judges. Likewise, the clown hat was the best of the bunch, but by the time the picture was taken, all the jujubes had fallen off.

Rice Krispie Kite

Kristin's entry for the "Decorate a Rice Krispie Square Like a Kite" was a bit perplexing. She had done a wonderful job, and looked like she would be in the running. There was one other entry, done in a slightly different style, that rivaled her creation. But when the judges were finished, Kristin got a merit ribbon, finishing behind one creation that featured a couple jelly beans stuck on top and not much else.

The only other mishaps were the disappearance of Jakob's rice krispie squares and the slight short-changing in the prize money. His hot dog bun pig was entered in the Fair Special category which was to have double the prize money, but when his cheque arrived the extra prize money was missing.

Ice Cream Cone Clown Hat
Jakob's Ribbons
  • 1st place for Article Made From Popsicle Sticks
  • 1st place for Hot Dog Bun Farm Animal
  • 3rd place for Project (Cindy Klassen mobile)
  • 4th place for Mask Any Material (gold mask)
  • 4th place for Banana Muffins
  • 5th place for Article Made From Wood (cub car)
  • 5th place for Rice Krispie Squares (stolen!)
Kristin's Ribbons
  • 1st place for Collage About Space
  • 1st place for Ice Cream Cone Clown Hat
  • 5th place for Sr. Photography - Summer Fun
  • 5th place for Sr. Baking - Brownies
  • Merit for Rice Krispie Square Kite
Popsicle Stick

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