8 Muddy Feet 2006

8 Muddy Feet 2006

When I first saw this geocoin, I thought it didn't add up. 8 Muddy Feet is a geocaching family of four in Idaho. So far, so good... four people = 8 feet. But wouldn't it be 40 muddy toes? Yes, except that 20 Muddy Toes is actually a subset of the family, the part without the parental units. In other words, 20 Muddy Toes are the young ones, and the pair of them have a lot of cache finds to their credit. Their motto is spelled out on the geocoin: "No mountain too high, No puddle too deep." I've always liked this geocoin and was glad to finally be able to make a trade for one.

Size: 33x38mm
Weight: 29.1g

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