ANWB Mushroom (Black)

ANWB Mushroom (Black)

The ANWB Mushroom is the personal geocoin of Aladdin, a geocacher from Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Here is what Aladdin says about his geocoins:

Two prevalent symbols of Holland are Windmills and Wooden Shoes. Less known, but equally important from the point of view of national pride, are the so-called "ANWB Mushrooms." These are unique signposts along the hiker-biker trails found all over the Dutch country side. ANWB stands for Algemene Nederlandsche Wielsrijders Bond, which translates as General Dutch Cyclist's Association. Aladdin's "ANWB Mushroom" Geocoin is a picture of the first signpost placed in 1919 in the Netherlands.

For more information and pictures of these signposts, please click HERE.

Size: 49x51mm
Weight: 21.0g
50 geocoins minted


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