Blue Canary

Blue Canary

Mississippi geocacher Blue Canary issued this personal geocoin in March 2006. Yes, that's a dead bird on the obverse, but it has special meaning, which I will let Blue Canary himself explain:

A blue canary is a term used only half in jest by firemen in referring to law enforcement officers at a hazardous materials incident. Unfortunately, Hazmat training for law enforcement has lagged behind that of fire fighters. Law enforcement is usually trained to rush immediately to any incident they are called to. Fire fighters have been trained to observe the area as they approach. Only half jokingly, fire fighters are taught in responding to hazardous material incidents to observe any law enforcement officers already on the scene to see if the "Blue Canaries" appear OK or are prone on the ground.

Blue Canary is a retired law enforcement officer and has been geocaching since 2003.

Size: 38 mm


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA