Captain Gore-Tex

Captain Gore-Tex

Captain Gore-Tex created his personal geocoin sometime in mid- to late-2006. I believe only 100 were minted. In October 2007, the Highland Geofairy of Scotland announced in the forums that she would trade her rare and hard-to-find Captain Gore-Tex geocoin for the best offer. Her intention was to trade a single HTF geocoin for as many "regular" geocoins as possible, that she would then gift out to local cachers.

Because I a) liked her concept and b) liked this rare and special geocoin and c) had a huge box of traders that weren't really doing much of anything, I made an offer of a large amount of geocoins. On October 20, 2007, Highland Geofairy announced in the forums that Danoshimano was the winner, and I responded with "YAY!"

So here he is, Captain Gore-Tex, in his new home. I consider this my most-special trade ever made. Later on, the Highliand Geofairy made a very special geocoin of her own and very kindly sent #001 to me. (But that's another entry.)

Thank you Highland Geofairy! (And Captain Gore-Tex for your original creation.)

Size: 18 mm x 38 mm
Weight: 10.3 g


Captain Gore-Tex geocoin glow in the dark

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA