JWID's personal geocoin, issued in January 2006. 50 geocoins were made in gold, 100 in antique bronze (this example), and 150 in antique silver. Here is JWID describing the obverse of the geocoin:

The front of the geocoin depicts one of the main landmarks in our hometown of Welland, Ontario. It was bridge #13 over the Welland Canal in its glory days. While the canal effectively split the city into two halves, it joined Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to provide a safe trade route around Niagara Falls. The bridge was decommissioned in 1973 when the canal moved to the east with tunnels passing under the canal. The bridge remains however connecting the east and west sides of town. The first cache that we ever found was just a shadow away from the bridge.

Size: 40 mm | Weight: 27.4 g
100 geocoins minted (#s 51-150)

J. Daniel Clements | Photographs

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