Moun10Girl on a mountain

Moun10Girl is a geocacher from Pennsylvania, and the "better-half" of Fox-and-the-Hound, who designs a lot of geocoins. Here's Fox-and-the-Hound describing the geocoin:

The front of this geocoin started out as a personal sig marker before evolving into a PathTag and now finally her very own geocoin celebrating her first year completed in caching.

The back was inspired by a funny conversation during a rough patch of going on the Matanuska Glacier bed in the upper valley north of Chugiak, Alaska. I had just finished loading my bottle with glacier melt and replacing my camera batteries when I looked up and saw her waiting "patiently" for me to get it together. It was like a postcard and I quickly snapped a pic of her.

I told her a bit later how good it looked "like the cover of a magazine" and she just laughed it off saying "Of course it does! Girls always making hiking and Caching look good!" and then gave me that great smile.

Size: 44 mm | Weight: 44.3 g


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA