I aggressively collected geocoins from May 2006 through to the end of 2008. Presented here are 986 of the approximately 1,040 geocoins I acquired during the frenzy.

Kache Kids

Kache Kids

Kache Kids are a geocaching family from Pennsylvania and this is their personal (non-trackable) geocoin. Besides fitting into my collection as a "personal" geocoin, it also features a skull and I have an affinity for geocoins with skulls. This skull has the added benefit of an entire skeleton beneath it (intact on the obverse, and a jumble on the reverse). The reverse legend reads "Gonna leave my dusty bones by the path on which they fall" (R. Hunter). I am assuming that is a quote from the poet and lyricist Robert Hunter who is best known for his association with the Grateful Dead.

Size: 40 mm | Weight: 26.2 g

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