I aggressively collected geocoins from May 2006 through to the end of 2008. Presented here are 986 of the approximately 1,040 geocoins I acquired during the frenzy.

QuigleyJones 2006 (Bronze)

QuigleyJones 2006 (Bronze)

QuigleyJones is a tall ship sailing geocacher from Vancouver, British Columbia. He describes his spectacular personal geocoin as...

a Grand Banks Schooner (well ok the Bluenose ll ) on a Starboard tack with a maple leaf on the Main. I picked this for my geocoin because I'm a tallship sailor with my best sailing experience on a Grand Banks Schooner, (Also I might just end up working on the Bluenose ll ) and the ship and leaf are both Canadian (like me).

This is the Antique Bronze version, of which only 100 were minted.

Size: 50 x 37 mm | Weight: 35.0 g
100 geocoins minted


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