Ukranian Easter Eggs

Ukranian Easter Eggs (pysanky) in basket

Jennifer and Dan first made Ukrainian eggs -- pysanka (plural is pysanky) -- together before they were married (back when computers were made of wood). Jennifer had taken a workshop when she was younger, and taught Dan. Later, she would run very popular workshops for students at her school.

Eventually Kristin and Jakob came along, and they joined in the fun, too.

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Purple Lightning - Fractal image

Daniel's Fractal Gallery

I created these original fractal images during a typical excessive-compulsive period that lasted just less than a month. During that time, I learned to use a fractal art program, and created these images. All of the images in this gallery are located at the edges of the Mandelbrot Set at various magnifications. As far as fractal art is concerned, they are pretty basic. But I like them.

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