FTF Hat Trick - Map

Whoa! An FTF Hat Trick by a cacher (moi) who doesn't even try to get FTFs? Yep, and it's the best kind... the kind that find me.

Last time I did this was almost six years ago. Then, I was going for it. This time, I just happened to head to some caches that had been published just before 10:00 pm the evening before. The fact that the morning was waning and that I stopped at another cache on the way meant I was not expecting these hides to have virgin logs.

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Geocacher "Danoshimano" sets worldwide geocaching record.

Geoaching 50-50 Day

Today, on the occassion of his fiftieth birthday, Danoshimano shattered his previous record for most finds in a single day, and in the process also set a worldwide geocaching record.

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2000 FINDS

Geocache find #2000

After 8.25 years of caching, I found my 2,000th geocache today. I no longer really care about the so-called "milestones" in geocaching (every 100 finds, for most), however, find number two-thousand does have some meaning.

Of course there are geocachers who find 1,000 caches in a single year. There are geocachers who find 5,000 geocachers in a year. Or more. (Seriously.) And then there are the more, ahem, sane among us who do it more for "location" than the find count.

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6th Geocaching Anniversary!

Danoshimano celebrates 6 years of caching

Danoshimano celebrates 6 years of caching

Willow Creek Ravine on New Year's Day

Willow Creek Ravine on New Year's Day

Down in Willow Creek Ravine

Down in Willow Creek Ravine

New Year's Day 2010, my 6th anniversary of geocaching!

Luckily I learned several decades ago that consuming vast quantities of alcohol on New Year's Eve only resulted in starting the new year feeling like crap. In fact, on this morning as Jennifer and I headed for a hike in the woods we were reminded of a beautiful New Year's Day many years ago where we didn't even want to open the blinds and let the sun into the room. (That was the year we really figured it out.)

With a coating of fresh snow clinging to the trees, we had a great hike through the Willow Creek Ravine just north of Barrie. The trails were even snowmobile-free at first, although the snowmobile season did seem to get under way by the time we were heading back. (Do they have to put snowmobile trails everywhere? What about those who just want to enjoy nature?)

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Danoshimano & Kritter at Screaming Skulls

It was exactly four years and eight months in the making: ONE THOUSAND geocaches found!

Geocache find #1,000 came on the last weekend of summer, as Danoshimano and Kritter! headed out for a two-day excursion to Huntsville and ultimately Burk's Falls, where they found some really interesting things and cleared the entire village of caches.

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Geocache Find #800!

Geocache find #800

It's been a little quiet on the geocaching front lately, but winter has a tendency to do that. The 146 days it took to go from 700 to 800 finds is more than it took to get the previous 200 finds. However, find #800 was the kind of cache hunt that I love and makes it all worthwhile!

On Sunday I conquered New Tecumseth Multi with Juicepig and Arghh2006, and a true "multi" it was, with nine stages in a great, hilly, snow-laden forest. 

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