Return to Sanibel Island

20141228 022

After seven years, we made a third trip to Sanibel Island. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, near the southern end of Florida, Sanibel is a family favourite.

Since we were last here, it seems to have gotten more crowded. Apparently people can spend up to two hours to get on the island for the day, and we witnessed the traffic jams leaving in the evening. Good thing we had our own condo on the beach, so no problem there.

Major activities include riding around on bicycles,

bike riding on Sanibel Island

bird and wildlife watching at Ding Darling Nature preserve,

Bird at Ding Darling

shelling on the beach,

Jakob shelling on Sanibel

eating in awesome restaurants (even if you have to wait an hour for a table),

Doc Ford's, Sanibel

and just hanging around, enjoying nice -- but not hot -- weather.

Big Agave!

This time around we also had an awesome dolphin show, and a crazed dolphin came at us on the beach. (Okay, it was actually chasing a fish in, but... yeah. It was kind of freaky.)

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