Kristin Graduates at Top of Class (again)

Kristin Clements receiving degree at McMaster University

On Thursday 11 June 2015, at the five hundred and forty-fourth Convocation for conferring degrees at McMaster University in Hamilton, four years of hard work came to a close as Kristin Ann Clements received her Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences (Minor in Geographical Information Systems). That's her above, shaking the Chancellor's hand after being hooded.

After the official ceremony, during the reception, Kristin pointed in the program and said "did you see my star?" Yes, I said, I saw her star of distinction (aka "summa cum laude"). "Did you see your award?" I asked.  Kristin said she did not win an award, but I flipped to the back of the program and said "Isn't that your name there?" Yes. Yes, it was.

Turns out she had won the "Lloyd Reeds" prize, along with three other people. Kristin knew Lloyd Reeds as the name on the McMaster map library where she had spent many long hours. After some Googling, she determined that the prize is awarded to the students with the highest cumulative average in three different programs and another prize for top thesis student. Which meant she had the highest marks in the Earth & Environmental Sciences program. So, yeah, top of her class!

After the ceremony and reception, proud Dad, Mom, and Grandma Sealy went back to campus one last time for lunch at the Phoenix and a photo tour with her freshly framed degree.

Mcmaster Grad 2
Mcmaster Grad 3
Mcmaster Grad 4
Mcmaster Grad 5
Mcmaster Grad 6
Mcmaster Grad 7

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