Kristin enters Master of Forest Conservation program

utoronto forest kristin

Kristin is set to begin the next leg of her journey, as she enters the Master of Forest Conservation program at University of Toronto.

The professional masters program will "enable her to make a difference by entering into professions responsible for the policies and practices that have a profound impact on all living organisms and on the sustainability of human social and economic systems; work that is crucial to society and the planet's health."

The picture above is Kristin (reluctantly) posing in front of the forestry building. Below, we see a view of the back of the building. (Hint: It's the building to the right of the Graduate Students' Union pub.)

utoronto forest pub

The Faculty of Foresty opened at the University of Toronto in 1907, and was the first in Canada. The masters program runs for three terms and starts with two days of orientation classes, followed by a one week field camp in Haliburton Forest. Next summer features an internship and another field camp which will either be a local urban field camp or an international field camp in Costa Rica Malaysia. (Kristin is planning on the latter.)

And, of course, there's all the great stuff that goes along with an urban university in the heart of a major city. For example, Kensington Market is just around the corner. And China Town. Etc. Etc.

kensignton market

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