Kristin + Michael

kristin and michael

Here's some exciting news: Kristin and Michael (aka "Glowworm & Gummies") are getting married!

After their serendipitous meeting in San Diego on April 11, and subsequent 5+ month adventure hiking the Pacific Crest Trail together, Kristin returned home with Michael in tow.

kristin and michael come home

After spending a couple weeks with us, Michael returned to Indianapolis and a few weeks later Kristin flew down to stay with Michael and his family. Their plan was to move back to Canada together, but it turns out that was not so easily accomplished, so Kristin (sadly) flew back home by herself. Then, in late November, Kristin took a drive to Indiana for another visit, some Indiana Pacers basketball games, and this:

kristin and michael engaged

There you have it! (In case you can't quite make it out, that's a beautiful opal engagement ring on Kristin's finger.) But, if you want to hear the whole beautiful tale of two strangers meeting on the PCT and falling in love, you can head over to Michael's blog and read all about it.

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