You must have been a beautiful baby...

...'cause baby, look at you now!

It seems like just nine short years ago Kristin was off to her first day of kindergarten. And now here she is, graduating from grade 8 (with straight As) and getting ready to walk onto the springboard of life called high school.

01 Photo Shoot In Backyard
02 Dads Favourite Shot
03 Photo Shoot In Backyard
04 Photo Shoot In Backyard
05 Photo Shoot In Backyard
06 Photo Shoot In Backyard
07 Receiving Her Diploma
08 Kristin With Her Diploma
09 Scholastic Award Recipients
10 The Graduates
11 The Graduates
12 The Graduates
13 The Graduates
14 Wow A Limo
15 Limo
16 The Graduates
19 The Graduates
20 Kristins Classic Pose

J. Daniel Clements | Photographs


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The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA