Good bye Kristin, Hello Isabelle

Kristin off to Quebec

On Saturday morning, we put our first-born and only daughter on a train to Montreal as part of the YMCA "trade in your kid" program. Actually, it is part of the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange (SWSE) program, and she'll be living in Otterburn Park, about 20 minutes east of Montreal, for six weeks.

Kristin will be working for City Hall doing a very interesting job that involves investigating and documenting accessibility in the area parks. As an added bonus, she gets to ride a bicycle to and from work -- about thirty minutes each way.

Isabelle plays with the Wii

In exchange, we get Isabelle for six weeks, who is from Carignan (near Chambly) just a little bit south-west of Otterburn Park. Isabelle will be working in the Red Cross office in downtown Barrie.

Looks like it is going to be a fun and interesting summer for all!

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA