April Fool's 2007 (Glitter)

April Fool's 2007 (Glitter)

My collecting goal is focused on personal geocoins, but every once in awhile something special comes up that I have to acquire. There are three (count 'em 3) reasons I had to have this geocoin: 1. I have a hat like this and I actually wear it in public (see below at my parent-in-laws), 2. I was born in April, 3. I sometimes act like a fool, and 4. It's a pretty darn nice looking geocoin. Okay, that was four reasons. So sue me. But let me warn you, I'll show up in court wearing my hat!

This geocoin was created by Castle Man. This is the special "glitter edition."

Size: 45x36mm
Weight: 29.4g
75 geocoins minted



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