COG 2007 (Sunset Edition)

COG 2007 (Sunset Edition)

The Central Ontario Geocachers are a group of cachers in -- you guessed it -- Central Ontario. (And yours truly is honoured to be a founding member!)

From the initial post in the COG forums asking whether this geocoin could be a reality, to the delivery of the actual geocoins, took almost 8 months. This geocoin truly developed and became a reality with the participation of COG members through the forums.

Since minting a whole pile of geocoins is a costly process, eight COG members purchased 30 shares between them to raise the capital. 30 special "sunset" geocoins were minted and investors received one for each share. Unfortunately, the mint messed up, and only made 29 sunset geocoins (and one extra regular copper geocoin). But it all worked out in the end. Presumably, the eight investors (which includes me) will keep at least one each, meaning there could be 21 of these special geocoins available to other geocoin collectors.

Size: 38 mm
Weight: 28.1 g
29 geocoins minted


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