King Boreas 1000 Hides

King Boreas 1000 Hides

Minnesota geocacher King Boreas hides a lot of geocaches. This geocoin was issued in July 2006 to commemorate one thousand hides. Wow. As of December 2012, he is still hiding (and adopting) geocaches and his count has climbed to 3,560. I am not sure how many of those are still active, but it looks like the answer is A LOT. (Many of his original hides from 2001 are still active.) King Boreas may very well be the number one cache hider in the world. 

Size: 45 mm
1,000 geocoins minted

king boreas 1000

J. Daniel Clements | Photographs


Daniel's Coin Zoo

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA