Team Alamo 1-2 (Gold/Nickel)

Team Alamo 1-2 (Gold/Nickel)

TeamAlamo are the #1 caching team on the planet earth! Wait... they're #2... #1 again... etc. That's what the spinner is about on this 2007 personal geocoin. As of this writing (22 February 2007), they have 20,041 finds and 339 hides. #2 is CCCooperAgency with 18,872 finds and 490 hides. So it looks like Team Alamo has a healthy lead, but they must be running out of caches to find! And how the heck do they take care of all those hides? It appears that over 200 of those hides are still active. Now, that's obsessed!

This geocoin was created in two barely distinguishable flavours: Gold spinner in a brass ring, and nickel spinner in a gold ring (this geocoin).

Size: 44.5 mm | Weight: 34.4 g


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