TuuronTour - VGC

TuuronTour - VGC

Rotterdam cacher TuuronTour created this personal geocoin as part of the Dutch VGC group. This is my 7th VGC geocoin received via trading. That means I only need four more to complete the set!

The reverse of this geocoin is shared among a group of 11 Dutch geocachers. Team Pooh (one of the group of 11) was kind enough to send me the following information describing the VGC reverse:

It is a combination of three issues from Dutch history: The flag is the "Geuzenvlag" (flag of the Water Beggars who liberated Brielle from the Spanish). The VGC design refers to the VOC, the East Indies Company. And in the ring the latin title of a manuscript from Hugo de Groot (Grotius). It was a justification of the capturing of a Portuguese treasure ship by the VOC in the 17th century. “De Iure pradae” means something like “Entitled to the treasure.”

Size: 42 mm | Weight: 34 g


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