Wilg - VGC (Silver)

Wilg - VGC (Silver)

I traded directly with Wilg -- a Netherlands geocacher -- for his pair of geocoins. This geocoin is part of a collective project called "Vereenigde Geocoins Compagnie" and shares a common reverse with other personal geocoins issued by VGC. This description of the reverse is from the geocoins.nl website: The 17th century flag in the background and the letters VGC in front of it, are respecting the VOC, a trading company from earlier days. Besides the name of this collective, the blue border has the text 'De Iurie Predea.' It is the latin title of a book by Hugo de Groot about the right of booty.

I think the tree on the obverse looks like a cousin of the whomping willow in the Harry Potter movies.

Size: 42 mm | Weight: 33.4 g


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