Ragged Falls

One of our early geocaching trips! This is Ragged Falls, just outside the west gate of Algonquin Park. We went in March 2004, from Mom & Dad C's former home at nearby Echo Valley.

01 Enjoying The Trail
02 Crazy
03 Hiking Up High
04 Still Climbing
05 The Cache Must Be Here
06 Digging It Out
07 Success
08 By The Ragged River
09 Having Fun
10 River Scene
11 Hiking To The Falls
12 GeoJen
13 By The Waterfall
14 The Cliff Above The Falls
15 Beautiful But Deadly
16 Hot Chocolate Time
17 MMmmmm
18 Above The Falls

This was the third geocache we found, and remains one of the favourites! It had been over two months since the first two finds, but it can be a little tough in the winter.

You can view the "Ragged Falls" geocache HERE.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA