GCK0BM - Riley's Travel Bug Treehouse!

Riley's Travelbug Treehouse

Our first FTF! I was quite excited about this one, since I had recently signed up for a premium membership on geocaching.com and was receiving emails with files that updated a database on my computer (GSAK) that I could also carry on a Palm Pilot. Paperless caching! And there was a brand new cache only minutes from home showing up on the radar!

We made the find on this one the day after it was published on July 16, 2004. A year later, Riley's Travel Bug Treehouse had over 130 logged visits. This is a very active bug trading spot that can be easily accessed by travellers on Highway 400 north. (Southbound travellers would have to exit at Essa Road.)

Since we were coming at it from within Barrie, we came in the back way, and parked in the rear McDeath parking lot. After hoofing across the park, we found the freshly installed tree house ready to do business with Travel Bugs. We didn't have a TB to trade, so we left some other goodies, and took a fold-up frisbee that provided entertainment all the way back to the vehicle.

This is the one and only cache find where we got to sign the cache container itself.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA