SquareD22 Fluke

SquareD22 Fluke

This geocoin was handmade by SquareD22, a geocacher from Newport (Rhode Island, I presume). It is sterling silver, and one of only 17 pieces made. I was fortunate enough to obtain this geocoin directly from SquareD22. This is the second scarcest geocoin I own, and on my favourites list since it was made by hand. (I'd like to figure that out someday myself.)

A "Fluke" is a name sometimes given to a Flounder which is several species of very bizarre fish. They start out life looking like a normal fish, but undergo a metamorphosis during which one of their eyes migrates to the other side of the body and they end up flat and lying on the bottom of the ocean floor. Just one more example of how truth really is stranger than fiction.

Size: 60 x 30mm | Weight: 28.5 g
.925 Silver
17 geocoins hand-made

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