Tiki Bikki Bikki

Tiki Bikki Bikki

My very first GeoTiki geocoin! Let's start off with a confession of sorts... when I first starting geocoin collecting, I came across the geoTiki geocoins. At the time, there were only a few varieties in existence and at the time I was very intrigued with them. However, I made the decision to not include them in my collection because I wasn't sure they qualified as "coins."

Later, I was offered a Bikki Bikki in trade for my personal geocoin. By this time I knew the Tikis were coveted prizes and I also remembered being initially enamoured with these creations. So I took the trade out of pure curiosity.

Once the Bikki Bikki was in my possession, an ancient magic took root. The spirit of Tiki was in me, and it was good! So I immediately began to seek other Tiki geocoins.

The Tiki geocoins are created by Hawaii-based artist and geocacher Henrik van Ryzin, aka Tiki. Mr. Tiki and his partner Ms. Tiki have been slowing unearthing jungle caches since 2002.

Size: 30 x 39mm | Weight: 24.5 g
200 geocoins created

Please be sure to visit geotiki.com where you can see the process by which Tiki creates these wonderful little works of art using the lost-wax casting process.

Bikki Bikki Home Page

Click HERE to see how Tiki geocoins are made by the artist!

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