I aggressively collected geocoins from May 2006 through to the end of 2008. Presented here are 986 of the approximately 1,040 geocoins I acquired during the frenzy.

Obsessed - Ventura Kids

Obsessed - Ventura Kids

The "Obsessed" geocoin series was issued by four of the most obsessed geocachers in the world. TeamAlamodgrenoEMC of Northridge, CA, and ventura kids are all among the top ten cachers on the planet.

As of February 2007, Team Alamo holds the number one spot and is closing in on 20,000 cache finds, with 338 hides. EMC had just moved to the number 3 spot with over 11,000 finds, bumping dgreno into #4. ventura kids were in the seventh spot, just pushing the 10,000 find mark. That is obsessed. The geocoins share a common reverse, and each obsessed geocacher has their own obverse. This geocoin series set off a forum controversy when issued due to their very high price. Luckily I have been able to find willing traders!

Update August 2012: Ventura_Kids is still obsessed.

Size: 38 mm | Weight: 28.5 g


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